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The Lord once gave me a vision that shook me. It was the well-known scene of Jesus entering Jerusalem riding on a donkey, with crowds of people standing beside the road waving palm branches and cheering as the donkey moved down the street. However, in the vision I didn’t see Jesus, I only saw a donkey walking down the road, yet the people were still celebrating and cheering wildly as if Jesus was there. I asked the Lord what the vision meant and I heard Him say to me, “ Tastylia USA This is My Church, lots of activity, yet I am not present.

God revealed to me that a large part of His church has lots of activity during their services, even loud music and wild celebrations, yet Jesus isn’t present. And so I realised, that without Jesus present, us as preachers and facilitators, are merely donkeys just going for a walk. However, with Jesus, with the presence of God resting upon our lives, that same activity becomes a vehicle for God to invade a city, just as Jesus did when He entered Jerusalem riding on that donkey.

When God’s presence rests upon us, then the procession becomes an invasion of God into a city, but without God’s tangible presence we are as powerless and useless, as a donkey going for a walk. I am only a donkey, if Jesus is not with me. Without Him, I can do nothing. Yet when God is with us, when God’s presence rests upon our lives, all things become possible and the Kingdom of God invades a city or community.

This is the same for every believer upon whom the presence of God rests. When the power of God manifests through us, when people are healed, saved and set free, then we can humbly declare that we are merely donkeys and it is only the Jesus we carry who can do such things.

Every believer is called to host the presence of God and to release His presence over people, communities and cities. Let’s become like the donkey, taking no glory for ourselves but rather humbly accepting the incredible honour of carrying the life-changing presence of God into places. source Everything flows from God’s tangible presence.

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