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Pastoral Ministry Flow

buy finasteride amazon Everybody is a Somebody in Christ, for there are no ordinary believers.

If there is one thing we need to realise about the Kingdom of God, then it is to understand that you and I can’t do this alone. God, in His wisdom, structured the Kingdom of God in such a way that it is impossible to fulfil the will of God here on earth when we’re disconnected from a community of believers. cheap Seroquel online There is great power in community and very little power outside.

Christian community is the God-designed environment where every Christian can be transformed into the person God has destined them to be. This can only happen within community, within the spiritual greenhouse designed by God. purchase finast online Church is God’s idea, not man’s. Dead religion has unfortunately given church a bad reputation. It is time to reclaim it for its rightful purpose of empowering believers to impact the world.

God has hidden in others, what we need to fulfil our callings. With this comes the temptation to use and abuse people, but that is not how we will draw out the treasures hidden within them. The only way to draw out what God has hidden in our spouse, or Christian brother or sister, is to see them as someone made in the image of God, with something significant to add to His Kingdom.

There are no ordinary believers. Every believer is called to be supernatural. No one is called to merely warm the pews. Every believer is called to do Kingdom ministry on one level or another. The purpose of the Fivefold Ministry gifts is to equip the saints for the work of the ministry, but for this to work we must believe that there are no ordinary believers. Everybody is a Somebody in Christ.

Imagine a church community where we believe in one another, see great potential in one another and give honour to even the lowliest member of the spiritual family? Such a community, united by mutual honour and humble love, will be a powerful spiritual greenhouse, where world-changers will be raised up to impact the entire globe.

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